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Salary and welfare

Cambridge automation overall salary strategy to performance oriented, maintainexternal competitiveness and internal equity, maximum to attract talent and retain talent, talent incentive mechanism, so as to promote the business development of the company.
Salary system including basic salary, fixed allowance, floating wages and bonuses, and welfare.
Basic salary
The basic part of the salary of the employee's basic salary. The company's annual comprehensive factors to adjust the employee's basic salary. Company formal staff can get double pay in the end.
Fixed allowanceAccording to the different types of employees, the company installed fixed allowance of different projects, for staff cash subsidies in specific areas, traffic,accommodation, meal service or special position.
Floating wages and bonuses
In order to enhance the performance of attention, almost every overall compensation Cambridge automation staff includes floating part. According to the different types of employees, offer different variable bonus scheme. In addition,in order to individuals or teams acknowledge and encourage timely, provideimmediate reward plan; for individuals and groups to make a significant contribution to the management decision of company, also provides a special contribution award scheme.
The company not only in accordance with the provisions of national and local pay social insurance for employees, provide the national legal holiday, also providesaccident insurance business, corporate welfare, holidays, annual leave, sick leave on full pay for all employees. The company's business life and health insurance coverage has gradually expanded. In addition, the company alsolaunched the employee stock ownership plan, long service award scheme,employee assistance program (EAP) and a series of health plans, such asphysical examination, vaccination, smoking cessation programs etc..