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Training and development

When enterprise development to a certain stage, must want to obtain thesustainable management in the highly competitive market, cannot do without the training and development of staff, we know that training and development,organization development, not only to provide help for the employee's personalability, provide strong support for the long-term development of the company.

Therefore, in the area of training, our principle to absorb anything and everything, not only to absorb the external quality of training resources, provideleadership, management skills and soft skills training, and training to build a goodinternal trainer team within the company, and combined with the online learningplatform, provide all kinds of professional and technical training for the staff. Not only that, we formulate the roadmap for the post, comprehensive training and development system to achieve various levels, each post.

Overall, our training system in accordance with the longitudinal classification,divided into 3 levels -- personal leadership, business leadership team and leadership functions /.

Personal leadership:

Personal training system leadership training, all around the strategic thinking,communication, execution and professional skills and other aspects, emphasizing the work accomplishment.

Leadership team:

The training system of leadership team, using TE SET model as a reference (i.e.strategy, execution, personnel), emphasizing how managers with strategic eyebetter implementation strategy, and with the development of talent strategy.

Leadership / business:

Leadership and business training system, designed to emphasize organizationalleadership and leadership qualities.

From the horizontal view, different our training system according to the various job responsibilities and content, respectively, sales, product design, production and operation, product management positions to develop rich and diverse training course.

Perfect training system, just learning organization a means of growing. We know,help organizations find the bottleneck in the development process, solve the organizational obstacles, is the prerequisite for effective implementation of various means. Therefore, we are committed to and each business sector in close cooperation, understand the real needs of organizations, establish a suitable development projects, in order to maximize the effect of training and other means of learning.

An arranged in a crisscross pattern training system, the traditional teaching andlearning online add radiance and beauty to each other learning mode, and the use of professional perspective to help the business analysis of the practice ofdevelopment needs, make Cambridge automation with a solid foundation in the future development, and the development of better service to the employees and the company's business.