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Company culture

★ ★ ★ enterprise CI

Cambridge automatic identification by prestigious effect to the bridge shape,symbol of cooperation, using a circular embodied perspective wide area, plus thesignal loop with industry, such as heart Jili, contain rich fulfillment meaning; iconthat references the first phonetic alphabet "Cambridge" JQ "form a joint pattern,the symbol of the company adhere to the" people-oriented, win-win cooperation,value for customers "purposes, all staff unite as one, to create brilliant.

 the the meaning of Cambridge

Cambridge "sword" moral courage sustainable growth, income sources, bright air and rivers, "bridge" moral heart bridge and cooperation handshake, and,"representatives of the company with the sword" and "bridge" everywhere is brimming with vigor and vitality.

 Lianshan company culture

Our core values: people-oriented, value for customers, for staff appreciation,social value

Our goal: to become the most influential electrical automation industry andexcellent company, guiding force of professional company

Our business philosophy: integrity, win-win, innovation, development

Our business strategy: build team, with the team, on the scale, brand

Our brand strategy: use the most professional, the most attentive service to create the most enjoy reputation and brand awareness

Cambridge automatic "four I" criterion

One, we need to believe!

Two, we must adhere to the!

Three, we must learn!

Four, we should do the right thing and do the things right!

● ● ● management consciousness

 customer satisfaction -- is our honor

 Service -- is our commitment

• innovation efficiency -- is our goal

 harmonious coordination -- is our guarantee

 strengthen communication -- is our guarantee

 training -- is our hope