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    Cambridge automatic (JQECT) has been focused on solutions and industrialmaterial for customer cost networked wireless remote solutions, after years of market feedback, the integration of the many customers use experience, around the German quality performance to the domestic price, and even in the mold of all perfect appearance, by the vast number of users in the client applicationprogram of many industry satisfied and sustainable use. The introduction of comprehensive compatibility Siemens series PLC and the module of the most competitive market, is fully compatible with the S7-200, S7-300 series CPU andmodule, can be seamlessly with the use of. Industrial grade ECT PLC remoteprogramming series - the customer is satisfied, the real for the user through the Internet to build intelligent networked control system, remote security center.

Compatible Siemens products:

Fully compatible with ECT7 200 series modules and S7-200, directly instead of using, without changing the program and hardware. Other than their counterpartswithout modules, such as high density, high precision module, according to theproduct lead our requirements in connection.

The ECT7 300 series modules and the S7-300 can completely replace or with use, compatible with all instructions. Has many years of market tests, achieve fiveyears quality guarantee for you. Ultra stable quality and affordable price, for you to reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of equipment in the market.

PLC remote industrial communication products:

Industrial grade ECT remote communication products, using technology to change the traditional maintenance and control technology, realizes the industrialgrade cross regional, cross platform, build automation through Internet and intranet. Automatic control commissioning without sailing, truly from the device layer to the industrial network platform information layer, to meet the requirements of more technology you equipment intelligent control, can deal with various types of demanding industrial applications, in the promotion of innovationvalue equipment or projects at the same time, also for the remote equipmentmaintenance escort you.

Automatic control product OEM OEM service:

Domestic PLC Siemens compatible module OEM OEM, OEM PLC remotecommunication module, wireless communication module PLC OEM, PLC customdevelopment, software and hardware design, control system development,custom, OEM service. Based on PLC annual sales of 1000000 the following,welcome to be our regional strategic agents.

As a company to meet customer application requirements and provide newtechnology products supplier, Cambridge automation is a very innovative value of growth type enterprise, committed to continuous technological creation and innovation, always adhere to the professional quality, integrity management,research innovation and business idea. Provide automation products and solutions, efficient, innovative, cost-effective security for customers, create value for customers, and customer win-win.